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Greetings Critical Thinkers and Life-long Learners;

     Welcome to my official High Prairie School Division teacher webpage. I am an English Language Arts, Social Studies and Humanities teacher hailing from Canada's oldest incorporated city, Saint John.

     I received my B.Ed from the University of New Brunswick after first completing a B.A. at St. Thomas University.  For a few years I worked as a substitute teacher in the Anglophone South School District of southern New Brunswick, before a cross country road-trip landed me in Kinuso, Alberta.  Currently I am the teacher at Kinuso Outreach School where we offer an alternative, independent learning environment for students, where we value the seven sacred teachings, global education and 21st Century learning.

     Outside of the classroom, I have a wide range of hobbies and interests, including reading, writing, photography, hiking, traveling basketball, hip-hop, Beatles records, Audrey Hepburn films, debating world issues, Game of Thrones and the occasional video-game session.  I've been married since 2014 and we have two pet cats at home, Amber and Onyx.

     On this page you will find information about my classes, assignments for students, general information about Kinuso Outreach School and a contact form you may use to contact me any time you like.  

     I wish all who read this great success in your educational and professional lives.

                                                        Mr. Gardner 
Mr. Gardner Bachelor of Education Graduate

Kinuso Outreach School Hours:
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